Vika Miller | Thriving Life

Life isn't about pursuing happiness.

It's about learning how to THRIVE.

Because thriving is what creates real happiness.

In the end, we all just want to be loved, secure, and happy, and to know that our lives have made some kind of positive difference for others.
Why is that so hard?
Why do our serious efforts to “get ahead” in life leave us stressed, exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed? (And sometimes resentful, angry, hopeless, or depressed?)
And why is there so much confusion and pain in some of our most important relationships, no matter how hard we try to make them work?
Is this struggle all there is?

The good news is,

there's nothing wrong with humanity.

And there's nothing wrong with you.

(Or me. Or them.)

We’re just living inside cultural stories and beliefs that don’t work for real, live human beings. Or real, everyday relationships.

It’s like being given a car, with no instructions.

You might reasonably try something like this:

When what’s really possible is this:

When we understand how life really works,

it becomes easy to create and enjoy the things that really matter:

attuned relationships, lifelong health, and abundant thriving

(that exploits no one).

The Thrive Roadmap is the missing manual that provides a practical, relief-filled, seemingly effortless pathway into the world of life-aligned THRIVING that is our BIRTHRIGHT.

The Thrive Roadmap provides a compass and guide that:
  • transforms our relationship with our own and others’ pain, fear, anger, and other “negative” emotions … creating enormous clarity, safety, freedom, belonging, and joy
  • provides a deeply safe, accepting, compassionate environment that leaves us free to be our real selves with others (no need for hiding, faking, or pretending)
  • clarifies what truly contributes to our thriving, and in turn creates real happiness, so we can give our time and efforts to what actually works to make our life more wonderful
  • brings relief from anxiety and exhaustion
  • restores vitality and confidence
  • reveals what’s REALLY causing our conflicts with other people
  • demonstrates how to dissolve misunderstandings and restore the natural satisfaction, inspiration, communion, and joy our thriving-aligned relationships are designed to give us

Grounded in 5 decades of research and testing, and built on key elements from:

  • Neuroscience
  • Attachment Theory
  • Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication (NVC)
  • Inner Parts Work (similar to Internal Family Systems)
  • Somatic Empathy
  • Somatic Processing

which have been adapted forĀ Thriving Life, and then integrated with illuminating Thriving Life principles, distinctions, and practices …

the Thrive Roadmap has made an extraordinary difference for countless people from all walks of life, from everyday folks to C-suite executives to master therapists, Certified NVC trainers, PhD psychologists, and international leadership development consultants.

Discover how to stop using hidden, harmful strategies that are damaging your relationships, your health, and your happiness,
and start making the biggest difference you can make in the world:
learning how to truly thrive, in alignment with the Life both within and around you.
and come home to your thriving birthright.
Blessings on us all. (No exceptions.)