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Preparing for Relationship Sessions

Steps for Preparing for Relationship Sessions:*


Step 1:  Each person completes a complimentary Thrive Breakthrough Consult, in order to:

  • Offer each person an opportunity to meet me, and discern whether they feel comfortable that I can hear, understand, help communicate and, when needed, effectively clarify or represent their perspectives, values, concerns, and life-needs to the other person(s) in ways that can help them reach their relationship goals
  • Introduce each person to the core Thrive Roadmap principles that create the extraordinary results my clients experience
  • Identify each person’s primary concerns, issues, and hopes, as well as their commitments to the other party and to the Relationship Coaching process
  • Discern each person’s readiness (skills and capacities) to participate constructively in and benefit from a Relationship Coaching Session
  • Ensure we’re all a good “fit” for each other

Note: Depending on the individual and the relationship issues involved, in order to ensure the effectiveness of Relationship Sessions, it may be necessary for one or more persons to participate in one or more Personal Coaching Sessions before holding the initial or future Relationship Coaching Sessions. We’ll discuss these needs together. 


Step 2:  Purchase and schedule session time for the Relationship Coaching Session.  All Package hours can be used for Relationship Sessions.  Relationship Sessions bill at 1.25 Package hours.


Step 3:  If more than one Relationship Coaching Session is desired, each person purchases and completes the Thrive Roadmap Essentials Program (any format: recorded, live group event, or private presentation**).  All Thriving Life offerings build on this essential foundation, which provides instant, profound understanding and relief, creates new possibilities for resolving past issues and pain, and opens up new ways of connecting (or completing your connection with honor and integrity).  Attending a live, group Thrive Roadmap Essentials Program or completing the online Thrive Roadmap Essentials Interactive Video Program saves session time resources for deeper, personalized support.


* For simplicity and flexibility, Relationships Sessions are billed as 1.25 Session hours. 

** Prefer a private personal or group presentation of the Thrive Roadmap Essentials Program? Contact us for details.


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