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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed 

One of our defining Thriving Life principles is thriving through mutual benefit, and without exploitation.

This means we don’t ever want to benefit at someone else’s expense.

“We” includes you. That is, when you participate in our activities and offerings, you agree that you don’t want to benefit at our expense, either.

So …

If you make a monetary investment in one of our offerings that doesn’t enlighten, nourish, and empower you … so that you feel delighted with what you received in return for your financial investment, we will return part or all of your financial investment.


How does the Thriving + Satisfaction Guarantee work?  

To begin, we’ll have an openhearted conversation together about:

  • what we’ve promised to you, what we’ve delivered to you, and the apportioned costs, including our own efforts, involved in that delivery
  • what you invested in the offering
  • how you have participated in the offering
  • what you have received from the offering — the difference it has and hasn’t made for you, thus far; and
  • any “inner orphans” that may have been activated by any of your experiences with us, including taking time to understand, honor, and release any nervous system alarm (fight, flight, appease, and/or freeze) that we discern is impacting any aspect of your participation or the guarantee clarification process.

Once we’ve shared, understood, and honored each other’s perspectives, we’ll co-create a mutually satisfying agreement that embraces and respects all the important truths about the circumstances, including specifying the amount of your investment that we’ll return to you.

If for any reason we’re unable to come to a mutually satisfying agreement, we’ll continue our resolution efforts in Thriving Life Community-held mediation.

If in the extremely unlikely event that, after all these efforts, we’re still unable to come to a mutually satisfying agreement, then these terms and conditions will apply.

Throughout this process, we promise to continue to practice and model what we teach.

This includes sometimes making mistakes, as well as owning and fully repairing any direct impact of those mistakes.

We ask that you do this as well.


Welcome To Life and Relationship As They Were Meant To Be.

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With genuine care for you,







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